Less than 100nm to the Bay of Islands

En route between Minerva Reef and New Zealand

33° 58' 0" S, 175° 16' 60" E

Well, it seems that stationary occluded front that has accompanied us the last two days isn't so staionary after all. It keeps slowly dropping south, just enough to stay in synch with us. It appears that every time we get a bit of clear sky and sailable wind the front is eager to catch up and a few hours later we have 8/8 cloud cover and no more than 5kn of wind again. That not withstanding, we did have some nice sailing wing-on-wing this afternoon and are now (0030 local time on 23NOV) less than 100nm from the entrance to the Bay of Islands. With a bit of luck and some wind tomorrow we may reach it before nightfall. As on previous passages we did/do have a daily SSB net again. This time it is the German language "Drifter Net", run by Detlev and Beate on Kira (assisted by Helmut and Kerstin on another boat). They're also underway to NZ currently and have made this trip mutliple times in the past. Amongst other things they provide excellent weather advice. The relaxed passage we've had down here so far is in no small part thanks to them and their guidance in picking a suitable weather window (which was not trivial this year because the weather patterns were a bit different from the usual textbook rules around the time we left). Now we're curious again to meet the "faces to the voices" from the boats on the net in Opua. All is well aboard, stay tuned...

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