Halloween at Nomuka Iki

anchored off Nomuka Iki, Ha'pai Group, Tonga

20° 16' 37.8" S, 174° 48' 12" W


Had a little Halloween party today among the kids in the anchorage. Here's Nicky's report:

Halloween at Nomuka was very fun. I was dressed up as tropical Santa Claus. Niclas and Hannes (from the boat Victoria) were little pirates. Piper (from Radiance) was a blue mermaid, and Breeza (from Moonwalker) was a pink fairy. We got tasty popcorn, sugary cookies, colorful candy, and on Moonwalker we had delicious Brazilian chocolate pudding. Niclas and I each took one oar of the blue dinghy to paddle all the kids quickly from boat to boat. We got some brownie from Namani which I immediately ate and I also gobbled some popcorn from Victoria. At each boat, Niclas and I sang “Das Hotte Pferd” loudly. The candy looks really tasty and we had a lot of fun!

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