Halfway through

Motoring towards Pedro Miguel Lock

9° 10' 33" N, 79° 50' 0.6" W

Wind NN5@10kn, isolated showers

We had a very smooth transit "upwards" through the three stages of the Gatun Lock last night. Carlos, our advisor, boarded right on time at 1730 and we entered the first stage of the lock around 1930 after some waiting in front of the gates. We went through the lock tied alongside a 70ft sport fishing boat from Lousianna. They would tie up to one side of the lock and we would then tie up alongside them, repeating the process for every stage of the lock. Everything worked very smoothly - thanks to our advisor, crew and the helpful hands on the sport fisher. Unfortunately, they (the sport fisher crew) had to watch their football team loose the Super Bowl semi finals against San Francisco during the tthird stage of the lock... We went out into Gatun Lake around 2030, tied up to a mooring, disembarked our advisor to a pilot launch and had nice and relaxed dinner. We spent a short night until "Astro", today's advisor, boarded around 0630 this morning. We're now under way towards the Pedro MIguel Lock, where we are scheduled to go through at 1215 local time today, which should have us go through the Miraflores Lock around 1300 today. Stay tuned....

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