Greetings from the Great Pacific Duck Pond

Becalmed between Minerva Reef and New Zealand

28° 19' 0" S, 177° 37' 0" E

After some nice sailing under Parasailor earlier today, the wind died on us this evening and we're currently (2300 localt time on 18NOV) drifitng under a band of high pressure on an almost motionless sea. There's even a bird sitting next to us in the water, further reinforcing the duck pond illusion. Luckily there is a half-knot current setting to the south, so we're making at least al little progress towards our destination. Wind is forecast to fill in again tomorrow and the remain sailable for the last 450nm to NZ. If things go well, we hope to make landfall on Friday (23NOV). All is well aboard, stay tuned...

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