Going deep

Anchored off Ile Tipaemau, Passe Iriru, eastern Raiatea

16° 47' 19.2" S, 151° 23' 26.4" W

Left Chantier Naval yesterday (Wednesday) and anchored on the east side on Raiatea, off Ile Tipaemau, just north of Passe Iriru. At 22m a new depth record for Namani at anchor, a taste of things to come ;-)

A total of five boats here with 8 kids among them made for a fun afternoon in the water and a nice fire on the beach in the evening. Spoke with Corinna on Moin and Helena on Merilelu on 8137 kHz this morning. Planning to join the latter on the SW corner of Huahine (next island, about 20nm to the east) this afternoon. Stay tuned...

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