The far side of the world

En route from Suwarrow to Niue

17° 19' 50.4" S, 166° 49' 43.2" W

Sometime in the next 24hrs we will cross the "opposite" meridian of our home town's longitude (Gelting in Bavaria, somwhere between 11° and 12° East if we remember correctly) and thus be truly on the far side of the world. Reason enough for a little celebration aboard Namani ;-)

After averaging 7kn over one 4-hour watch last night (a record by our modest standards) the wind has now dropped a bit and we're back to our more typical 4.5 - 5 kn. Seas have gone down too, so we're happily trading speed for comfort under a cloudless starry sky. This also may push our arrival at Niue from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning. In any case: about 200 nm to go - all is well aboard, stay tuned ...

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