At the dock again

Redcliffe Marina, Scarborough/Moreton Bay

27° 11' 36" S, 153° 6' 30" E

Cruising along the Australian East Coast

We arrived at the dock here in Scarborough (close to Brisbane) yesterday (Sun, 12JAN) afternoon, almost a week after we slipped our mooring in Sydney's Middle Harbour. After our pit stop in Port Stephens (see previous post) we pulled into Coffs Harbour Thursday evening to spend the night at anchor as we were just passing the entrance at sunset.

For the most part, the adverse current along the coast wasn't as bad as we had feared (~1kn or less). Only on the last stretch, between Coffs Harbour and Brisbane, did we slow down to just over 3kn over ground at times, despite the boat making a good 6-7kn through the water.

A nice surprise was when we saw Victoria's crew again last night, whom we had thought to be off on their road trip around Australia already. We had parted ways in Vanuatu last September and now find ourselves at the same dock again :-)

Now it's back into boat work mode for a while...

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