A Day in Brisbane

Scarborough, Queensland

27° 11' 30" S, 153° 6' 30" E

Nicky writes about our recent visit to "the big city":

After such a long time in our marina on Namani, it was quite the change to go to this big bustling city. Brisbane is a very enjoyable city. You can go to many interesting museums, cross the river for free, and - important! - you can get delicious ice cream. We really enjoyed our day in Brisbane.

Brisbane has many excellent museums, but we only went to two of them: the Science Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. The Science Museum was extremely fun because it had all sorts of hands-on displays, including an electric Tesla coil, a robot that mimicked your face, and a chamber in which 30000 volts made a current jump between two rods using a little button you could press. All these inspiring exhibits made the Science Museum an amazing and educational place. It was really interesting for me because it was full of awesome things that are happening today. For example, I could play a tune on PVC pipes by banging on the tubes with flip-flop soles and make a light with a hand-cranked generator. The Museum of Modern Art was also really interesting, and there were displays including insane firework art footage (like blowing up Christmas trees, igniting portraits made of dynamite, and lighting shapes made of dynamite =D ;).

Brisbane has a good and free way to cross the river, the City Hopper. The City Hopper is a small comfy boat with outdoor and indoor seating and can cross the river in about 5 minutes. You can hear the engine thrumming as it goes from one boarding pontoon to the other. Speaking of water, there is also a nice-looking outdoor pool along the river, which is quite big and wasn't too crowded when we passed it, although we didn't swim there. Near the pool, we saw many people rock climbing it and it looked very fun and exciting to climb up that steep cliff. Other fun entertainment include ice cream and museums.

So, Brisbane is quite the city! It's always bustling with nice people, and there are so many ways to entertain yourself as you can see. The only thing I was disappointed about was that the roads were very badly marked but in the end it didn't matter because nice people didn't mind telling us the way. In summary, Brisbane is quite the city!

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