Das Knaurs Spielbuch

Anchored off Motuihe in the Hauraki Gulf

36° 49' 0" S, 174° 55' 60" E

Spending the South Pacific cyclone season in New Zealand

When we were in Germany back in July last year, we brought back the "Knaurs Spielebuch" to Namani. It's a book full of games for children (and adults) that includes everything from board, card and dice games, games with paper and pencil, field games - you name it. The book was printed in 1953 and used to be my mothers. I remember using it as a kid myself. Nicky absolutely loves the book (the picture above shows him reading it in his bunk after waking up one recent morning). He has found hours of entertainment in trying out games, riddles, instructions for paper planes, or in simply dipping into different chapters and getting ideas for new games himself. It's very nice to see that a book printed 60 years ago can still capture and engage a nine-year old today. Makes you wonder what will have happened to PSPs, Wiis, and the likes by 2073? While we have non of these devices on board we have nothing against them, and Nicky definitely enjoys playing on a computer when ample power is available in port (kTurtle is his favorite). But it is quite nice to realize that we can happily do without them and even have a fond memory of my mother while doing so.

Sailed a relaxed 15nm to Motuihe this afternoon. Will spend the tomorrow here ashore and then duck into Islington Bay to let a front pass during the night from Monday into Tuesday (at least that's what the current forecast says).

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