Civilization (or what's commonly considered as such...)

Moored at Marina Taina, Tahiti

17° 35' 10.8" S, 149° 36' 55.2" W

We arrived in Tahiti yesterday morning (Friday, 15JUN) and are now berthed at Marina Taina, just SW of Papeete. On the way in we realized that we had been sailing next to Astarté the night before, at a 3-4nm distance. LOTS of boats around, very busy, a funny contrast to the last 6 month. Made a short excursion to the famous (among cruisers) Carrefour here... very nice, but also made us realize that we didn't really miss anything much during the past months. Had a very nice dinner out last night when Karen and Larry from Panta Rhey walked by - very nice to catch up with them (and an awesome rasberry cake for desert aboard Panta Rhey - thanks Karen and Larry!). Now we have to source some spares before Nicky and Papa head off to Germany tomorrow night. Stay tuned...

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