Bye bye Niue

en route from Niue to Tonga

19° 1' 58.8" S, 170° 40' 32.4" W

Slipped our mooring at 14:30 local time this afternoon, after a last snorkel in Niue's crystal clear waters. We sailed out of the bay together with Victoria, trying to take pictures of each others' boats under sail with Niue in the background. Always a fun exercise ;-) Aspasia had left a bit earlier and we caught up with them just before sunset. Now comfortably sailing on a broad reach. After some good speed this afternoon the wind is now dropping and backing as forecast, but still giving us about 5kn of boat speed. We have about 190nm to the northern end of Tonga's Vava'u Group, and then 15nm more to get into port If we can maintain 5kn we could get in late Tuesday afternoon (which will be Wednesday afternoon in Tonga since it is the first country "behind" the date line). Otherwise it will be the next morning. All is well aboard, stay tuned...

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