Big fish day!

En route between the Marquesas and the Tuamotus

15° 16' 60" S, 145° 0' 0" W

After yesterday's dismal fishing performance (see previous post, "Fish: 3 - Namani: 0) we were back in the game today and had our "Big Fish Day" in two respects:

Earlier this afternoon we saw three female Orca whales repeatedly surfacing about a boat length behind Namani. Luckily they weren't interested in us but some other feeding frenzy that was happening a bit further off our starboard quarter (lots of birds circling, fish jumping).

Just around sunset we then had three (!) tunas strike the lures on both of the lines we were trailing (voice from the cockpit: "we got a fish - no, two! Wait - three!"). One got away again (lucky for him and us as we couldn't have stored another one) but we landed the other two, enjoyed sashimi for dinner and have one in the fridge for tomorrow :-)

Otherwise rain showers continued for most of the day. It now (2300 local time, 04JUN) seems to be clearing up slowly but the wind has died in the meantine. So we're motoring now to make our appointment with the ingoing tide to the northern pass into Fakarava at 1030 local time tomorrow morning (about 50 nm away) - hoping the tide will show up on time as well...

All is well aboard - stay tuned...

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