Under way to the Marquesas, S08-45 W114-24

8° 45' 0" S, 114° 24' 0" W

We passed the half-way mark yesterday (Tue, 17APR) aorund mid-day. Now it's less than 1500nm to the Marquesas... We're trying to arrange a rendez-vous with E Capoe, a French boat that happens to be sailing about 30nm to the south of us. We came across each on an SSB radio net a few days ago. Would be very neat to meet in the middle of the Pacific after not having seen any ships for the past two weeks. If things work out our tracks should cross Thursday or Friday. Everything is well aboard. stay tuned...

PS: "Bergfest" is the German word used to denote the little celebration you have upon reaching the peak of a mountain. It's used also to mark the half-way point of any effort/undertaking - no matter whether alpine or maritime.

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