Back on Namani

Anchored off Cristobal, Galapagos

0° 53' 46.8" S, 89° 36' 43.2" W


We are now all reunited on Namani. We took a day trip around a few more Cristobal sights with the French family aboard the catamaran „Eol“ - Matthieu and Lea are a little younger than Nicky but are very outgoing and friendly, so Nicky has a great time with them. Nana keeps butchering the French language so the poor parents, Clementine and Greg, are very patient and kindly rescue us (and maybe their own sanity) by switching into English for our sakes. Pardon! (Nana plans to study hard on the 3-4 weeks it takes to reach the Marquesas). Several boats have already left for the Marquesas, and we are building our own little radio net to allow everyone to report their positions. It provides a safety net and a little social contact as well. So far, it has been slow going for them, so we'll see what we encounter when we depart sometime around March 30th. Until then, we have a beach playdate with more kids, several repair jobs, and a bit more provisioning to do.

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