Anchored off Anatom Island in Vanuatu

20° 13' 60" S, 169° 46' 60" E

Cruising in Vanuatu

We arrived yesterday (Sat, 17AUG) around 10am and dropped the hook in a sandy bottom at 11m in Anelghowhat Bay on the south side of Anatom Island/IsleAneytioum (the southern most island of Vanuatu). Very beautiful - on first sight it looks like a mix between the Marquesas (hilly, wooded island with lush vegetation) and the Tuamotus (a motu protecting the bay with palm lined beaches, coral, ...). Not a bad combination... We were happy to find Helena and Kari on Merilelu still anchored here before they'll take off for points further north and our paths will split for good. Also the ICA Rally boats are currently here, making for a bit of an odd setting with the sheer number of boats. But it looks that they'll leave today/tomorrow for the island of Tanna, just leaving Merilelu, us and Victoria who should arrive today.

The last day and night of the passage were very relaxed after wind and seas had finally eased, and we were trying to keep the boat speed down in order not arrive during the night. Now we're cursious to explore some of the island...

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