At Anchor Again

Hudson Creek, Little Choptank River, Chesapeake Bay

38° 32' 28.8" N, 76° 14' 36.6" W


After 2 1/2 weeks (which included a 5-day trip back to Germany for Nicky and Markus to see Oma and Opa) we finally did say good bye to Annapolis again. We started heading further south, planning to meet our friends from Boundless in Virginia tomorrow or on Sunday and then proceed towards Norfolk.

Annapolis has been a real highlight and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. That included the Boat Show (which made us proud owners of a new Parasailor) and also a very nice visit by/afternoon sail with Bonnie, Bill and Phoebe (incl. a sleep over by the latter two) . As in many places down the East Coast, colonial and early US history was lurking behind every corner. We went to the Maryland State House yesterday to see the original letter/speech by which George Washington resigned his commision as a general after a successful revolutionary war. An act that really stands out in today's day and age...

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