300nm to go...

Under way to the Marquesas, S10-06 W133-29

10° 6' 0" S, 133° 28' 60" W

As expected two days ago, the wind has stayed rather light and our progress is a little slower than before. We now hope to make landfall in Hiva Oa on Monday (30APR). Despite the lighter wind the past few days have been very enjoyable with relalxed sailing under Parasailor during the day and twin headsails during the night. Seas are down to a meter or less now - taking morning and evening sights/fixes is a breeze now compared to doing it while rolling in 2-3m seas a week or two ago... Made a trip up the mast today to fix the tricolor light on the mast head - no land in sight from up there yet either ;-)

Today is our 26th day on this passage - the duration of our Atlantic crossing. So this will be a new record for us. We like our daily routine and continue to enjoy our days under way so far (clearly helped by the past three weeks with good sailing conditions). Surprisingly, even Nicky doesn't seem bored yet. He/we got a lot of schooling done while under way and he keeps busy with reading, drawing, some games and stargazing at night (he's asleep in the cockpit at the moment). We do look forward to landfall of course - not least because we are curious to finally meet some of the people whom we have talked to daily on the SSB for the past four weeks. The first ones of our little radio net already arrived a week ago and have moved on and others are still a week or two behind, owing to different departure dates and boat speeds. But we do hope to overlap with a few in Hiva Oa, including some of the German boats with other kids on board.

We'll also look forward to more than 3.5hrs of uninterrupted sleep. Once we got used to it again, the watch schedule has worked quite well though - nobody feels sleep deprived at the moment.

All is well aboard Namani - stay tuned...

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