150nm to go

Under way to Suwarrow

13° 54' 17.4" S, 160° 33' 28.8" W

Hit some convergence zone/mild front during the second half of last night with lots of rain and gusty winds...everything on deck is nicely freshwater washed now ;-) Were going though repeated sudden wind shifts from SE to NE to SE to NE... this morning when we decided we must be zig-zagging right along some convergence line on our westerly course and eventually jibed out of it to the NW. Conditions are still gusty now but with mostly clear skies and quite nice sailing. Wind is forecast to decrease tomorrow which should allow us to slow down enough to avoid a night time arrival and rather reach Suwarrow on Friday morning.

Nicky has been a real "Leseratte" (German expression for someone who reads lots of books) on this passage, and knocked lots of Rick Riordan books of his Kindle list. All is well aboard, stay tuned...

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