The 100 Mile Mark

S19-55 W171-38

19° 55' 0" S, 171° 37' 60" E

Under way between Fiji and Vanuatu

Just over 100nm to go to our destination on the south side of Anatom as of this morning (Fri, 16AUG).. The "more comfortable ride" mentioned in the previous post turned out to be short lived unfortunately. A few hours after sending the post off the wind veered again and stayed at solid 20-30kn until midday yesterday. With the wind just ahead of the beam and confused seas it made for a bumpy ride. On the plus side it was fast as we were still averaging over 6kn under a triple reefed main and a tiny genoa. Now things have settled down and we made good some southing in case it veers again. A pleasant ride now and the food-intake is up again ;-)

We expect to get into port sometime tomorrow (Sat) morning. It looks like we'll only be able to clear in on Monday, so we'll work on making a dent in our on-board food supplies until then. Our friends on Merilelu are a day ahead of us, so we may get some advance intel on clearing in procedures on the radio.

All is well aboard, stay tuned...

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