Turning Point

Hello from Prickly Bay at the southwestern end of Grenada... arrived here today after a 40 nm sail from Carriacou and are looking forward to exploring some of the island. This will be the southernmost point of our trip (we chose our anchor spot to stay just below 12° N...). All is well aboard, more detailed update to follow over the next few days - stay tuned

Welcome Stranger!

When we put up this site it was originally intended to keep family and friends up to date. Based on the summary statistics we receive about the blog (essentially number of visits per day by country) it seems there is now a wider audience (or a lot of our friends must have moved to far away places in the recent past...) - which is great and exciting! We'd love to hear how you found this blog and what interests you the most to hear about. So if you don't mind please just leave a short comment - thanks!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Hallo aus Bequia, wo wir vor Port Elizabeth vor Anker liegen. Auf dem Weg hierher haben wir auf St. Lucia noch zwei Nächte zwischen den "Pitons" an einer Mooring gelegen (fantastische Ankerbucht, Bilder folgen) und dann noch in Wallalibou Bay auf St. Vincent Halt gemacht. Ursprgl. wollten wir St. Vincent "links liegen lassen", da es vor einigen Monaten im Norden der Insel zu Uebergriffen auf ankernde Segelboote gekommen ist, aber alle Informationen, die wir hier bekommen haben, deuteten darauf hin, dass dies ein sehr lokales Problem sei.

At Anchor Again

After almost a week in Rodney Bay Marina on St. Lucia with all its luxuries (ie. fresh water and electricity) we're now glad to be at anchor again, currently in Marigot Bay. We had arrived in Rodney Bay at the NE emd of St. Lucia last Sunday (20JAN) after a good day sail from Le Marin, Martinique. Laura arrived on Monday from Canada and will sail with us back and forth along the Windward Islands until end of February.

Back in France / Wieder in Frankreich

Bonjour from Le Marin at the southern end of Martinique. We left Dominica on Tuesday after having stopped at Rosseau at the southern end of the island and arrived in St. Pierre, Martnique after a nice 35 sm sail. St. Pierre (once the capital of Martinique) had been erased by the eruption of a nearby volcano in 1902, traces of which are still visible today. From there we went on to Anse d'Arlet, a beautiful little anchorage further south.

Dominica by Car

We had planned to see some of the interior of Dominica yesterday and had quite an interesting local experience... We rented a car together with Anna, Christoph and Leoni from Ishani and set off in the morning to see the eastern coastline, the interior mountains and forests, and a village in the Carib territory. All those sights were well worth seeing (esp.

Vor Anker in Portsmouth

Hallo aus Portsmouth, Dominica (die Insel zwischen Guadeloupe und Martinique), wo wir gestern nach einem entspannten 20 sm Schlag von Les Saintes/Guadeloupe aus angekommen sind. Guadeloupe und insbesondere Les Saintes (eine kleine Inselgruppe südlich der Hauptinsel) hat uns sehr gut gefallen und wir sind direkt eine ganze Woche dort geblieben. Zunächst 2 Nächte vor Anker in Deshaies, dann ein kurzer Zwischenstopp in einer Bucht im Südwesten der Hauptinsel und schliesslich 5 Tage in verschiedenen Ankerbuchten in Les Saintes.