Boat life - the kid's perspective

A video documentary by Katie, William and Nicky

While we were in Tauranga (NZ North Island) for some boat work, Nicky made friends with Katie and William from the sailing vessel “Alouette”. We gave them a little assignment to create a documentary film about “what it is like to live on a sailboat”. We got them started, but they did everything else: agreeing on a script, shooting the video clips with a little compact camera, editiing them and putting them together, and adding transitions, text and music. They spent a total of four days working on this together, and we think the result is well worth watching. There is also a little write-up by Nicky below the video.

Boat Life from Namani on Vimeo.

Reflection on Movie-Making Assignment

by Nicky

January 26, 2013 in Tauranga

What steps did you take in planning the movie?

We first decided on what to film and then agreed on the order. We made an outline to organize it.

What would you have changed?

I would have changed or re-filmed the “dads” part and maybe figured out how to lower the music volume, but that’s about it.

What was easy and fun about this project?

It was fun to make the titles together once I learned how. It was easy to film “How Kids Have Fun.”

What was difficult or frustrating?

Filming and “acting” was sometimes difficult, and before we learned how the titles learned, it was frustrating.

If you had to make another movie, what would you do differently?

Learning the program is a good idea so you know how to do effects.

What move-making skills did you learn that you didn’t know before?

Transitions, audio, spacing, cutting, titles, and effects. We learned about back lighting as well as camera sound.

Did the three of you work well as a team? Did you use your time well?

I think we worked well and we finished it relatively quickly. We often worked in turns (so, William, Katie, Nicky) and it came out pretty well.

What advice would you give to another student doing a similar project?

It’s going to take you twice as much time as you think and it’s a good idea to learn the video system before you do it.

What problems did you encounter and how did you solve them?

Our biggest trouble was getting it in the right order and adding titles on the computer. Papi showed us how to do the titles and eventually we agreed on the order.