Yeek! A long day...

St. Kitts

16° 58' 60" N, 61° 42' 54" W


Weighed anchor at 0600 this morning off Barbuda and dropped it 69 nm and almost 12 hrs later in White House Bay St. Kitts... a long day, reminiscent of the Atlantic crossing - downwind sailing in big and somewhat confused seas... will likely stay put for a few days until seas subside back to "normal" levels, probably next Monday... stay tuned
PS: Picture above was taken on the beach in Low Bay, Barbuda


Wow, it seems like you have travelled alot lately...I was used to thinking about the 5-10 nm jaunts still! How was Barbuda? Looking forward to hearing your impressions of the next islands you are exploring. Hope the seas settle for you soon... Love Laura

Unglaublich wie schnell das geht. Jetzt geht sogar Euer Trip schon langsam wieder Richtung Norden... Bin wirklich gespannt wie's weiter geht und wie ich irgendwann mal den B├╝roalltag ohne meinen mentalen Zwischenstopp in der Karibik aushalten soll...

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