A Wonderful, Whirlwind Visit

Opua, Bay of Islands

35° 0' 30" S, 173° 43' 48" E

Spending the South Pacific cyclone season in New Zealand

On our way back from the South Island, we spent a fun night with our friends from Sea Bright in Devonport and a morning at the Auckland museum to wrap up Nicky’s school unit on Art and Culture. It is great to have this much time in NZ to see our friends a lot more often than we would be able to do from Europe! Then we headed back to the airport to pick up Nana’s Mom who flew all the way from New York for a week long visit. It was short but we packed a lot in, from a hike up the extinct volcano on Rangitoto island to the Auckland zoo to catch a glimpse of a kiwi (mostly they hid, but Markus saw two!) and finally up to the Bay of Islands where we went out on Namani to anchor off the islands for a few nights. It was great to be able to host her out on the water before seeing her off at the airport for the long flight home. Hopefully, her next visit can be longer! She is an expert in deliveries, bringing everything from books to charts and the most important thing of all - brownie mix - to us on Namani, not to mention a load of great birthday gifts for Nicky from Paul and Emily. (For the record, there is brownie mix in this country but it is expensive!) Thanks Bafia!


Hello :O) We've been following your journey on and off as we intend sailign across the Pacific in a year or so. We are currently in the Med heading for Turkey this July. we intend crosiing the Atlantic next year adn onward to NZ and Australia as this is where our children now live. It's good to see other trailblazers out there, inspiring us onward! i noticed in this post that you refer to friends on Sea Bright. Would htis happen to be a Super Sovereign 35 by any chance? If so, can you tell tehm we are the new owners of Super Sovereign 35 'Lerryn Lady' - there are only about 18 or so of these boats. Our blog is: www.wwwsailaway.blogspot.com if you want to have a look at her or even pass the info onward to Sea Bright, if infact they too are Super Sovereign owners. All the very best to you, we'll keep watching your journey> Oh, we're also on Marine traffic dot come adn hte link to that is on the blog as well - there are some pics of Lerryn Lady there as well. All best wishes for fair winds, Marlene

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