Welcome Stranger!

Port Elizabeth, St. Lucia

16° 58' 60" N, 61° 42' 54" W

Nana & Markus

When we put up this site it was originally intended to keep family and friends up to date. Based on the summary statistics we receive about the blog (essentially number of visits per day by country) it seems there is now a wider audience (or a lot of our friends must have moved to far away places in the recent past...) - which is great and exciting! We'd love to hear how you found this blog and what interests you the most to hear about. So if you don't mind please just leave a short comment - thanks!


HI there, Looks like you are having alot of fun in the sun. Sorry I haven´t written until now. I finally found your website. We were typing in the wrong letters. The boys will be happy to see this. It´s a great site! I´ve often thought about you 3! Glad to see everything is SAILING smoothly! ENJOY your time together! It´s very precious! Love Tammy and the boys!

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