Under the Duke's Nose

Whangaroa, North Island

35° 0' 30" S, 173° 43' 48" E

Spending the South Pacific cyclone season in New Zealand

We sailed into Whangora on Tuesday afternoon (it's Friday today) and have spend three very nice days in this large natural harbor / inlet with numerous side branches. It is fringed by steep wooded cliffs, giving the whole scene a fjord like feeling. Only 20nm NE of the Bay of Islands, this feels very differently and we had the feeling as if we had been transplanted from New Zealand to somewhere in Nova Scotia when we visited the little town at the head of the inlet yesterday.

Today we hiked and climbed up to the "Duke's Nose" a rock formation that distinctly looks like a human head with a very pronounced nose. I guess technically we were standing on the Duke's head, so we couldn't see the nose from up there but view across the entrance to the bay was nevertheless a nice one (see above).

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