Humming along nicely

26-01S 159-45E

26° 1' 0" S, 159° 46' 0" E

En route between New Caledonia and Australia

About half-way to Coff's Harbour, our destination on Australia's east coast. Very pleasant sailing these last couple of days, broad reaching under largely blue skies in a 15kn breeze. Sailed a little dog-leg yesterday to get out of some adverse current, and so far the detour seems to have paid off. About 160nm to go until we expect to hit the outskirts of the south setting Eastern Australian Current at about 157 eastern longitude. We hope to make it into port by Saturday morning before a brisk southerly wind sets in behind a west moving low/troff and in front of a following high. All is well aboard, stay tuned...

PS: The picture above shows us taking down the Parasailor at sunset after a relaxed sailing day


great news guys. you'll be there in no time. :)

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