Fly Lufthansa

Cavali Islands, 15nm north of the Bay of Islands

35° 0' 30" S, 173° 55' 60" E

Spending the South Pacific cyclone season in New Zealand

Nicky has been very interested in NZL2, New Zealand's high-tech catamaran for their latest America's Cup challenge. He build a Lego model from a picture in a sailing magazine, albeit with a Teutonic twist: While the orginal carries a giant "Fly Emirates" commercial on it's main sail, Nicky changed that to good old trusty Lufthansa. Who knows... we've been a bit cut off from news from Europe...perhaps the German flag carrier is indeed sponsoring another entry into the next cup...

Turning to marginally slower vessels: Namani's been treated to a new bimini during our recent stop in Opua (pictures to follow). Marnie from the Canadian boat Picara had taken up a job with Opua Canvas and so we were lucky to have her work on the bimini. Nicky enjoyed his time with the boys from Samba while we were at the dock, and we got some more jobs knocked off our boat to-do list (changing engine mounts, fixing the windlass motor, shortening the inner forestay - more on these in a different post).

We left Opua on Friday and spent a relaxed two days off Motorua in the Bay of Islands. Today (Monday, 18FEB) we sailed the 20nm to the Cavali Islands in light airs (average speed

Nicky has been promoted to "Chief Parasailor Operator" aboard Namani. You can see him in action in the short video clip below during today's sail.

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