Dragonfire pizza

Anchored in Oneroa Bay off Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf

36° 46' 48" S, 175° 0' 48" E

Spending the South Pacific cyclone season in New Zealand

We changed our minds yesterday morning and rather than going back to Motuihe we went to Oneroa Bay on the northern side of Waiheke Island (still only 7nm away but quite chilly as you can see in the picture above...). While the wind was still gusting in the 30s the sun came out shortly after we dropped anchor and we had a nice little excursion to the town and beach ashore. Very reminiscent of some of the pricier weekend destinations along the New England coast in the US. What used to be little baches are now houses priced in the million NZ$ range. Very nice in any case and we enjoyed a dinner snack on the beach from the "Dragonfire" mobile pizza oven.

With us in the anchorage here was also one of the "Pacific Voyagers" tradtional Polynesian boats ("vaka") that we had first seen in the Galapagos. It seems that all roads lead to Waiheke...

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