Breakfast with Manatee

Puerto del Rey, Puerto Rico

16° 58' 60" N, 61° 42' 54" W

Nana & Markus

We're in Puerto Rico proper now, in a marina on the east coast of the island. We will likely stay here for a week or so to work down the Namani job list again and to have Markus go to the Bahamas to get a visa for the US (that's a long story to be told in some other post...). Nana's mother is visiting for the week so we also enjoy some family time together - recently joined by a manatee that was swimming around the marina one morning (see picture above). "Swimming around" exaggerates the manatee's speed - it was barely moving. We heard they were slow but now we know they're really sllllooooowww...


What a treat! Here in the Nature Coast we get manatees regularly, but its awesome to see some manatee interaction int he Caribbean!

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