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Team Namani

We are a family of three who have cruised and lived aboard our 1981 Dufour 35 sloop Namani for four years. First during a one year “Seabbatical” in 2007/2008, that took us from the Mediterranean across the Atlantic, through the Eastern Caribbean, and eventually up to Portland, Maine in the northeastern US. Our second “intermezzo” took us from Maine through Panama and across the Pacific from 2011 to 2013. We eventually sold Namani to her new owner in Cairns in northeastern Australia.

We had started this blog primarily as a means of keeping friends and family informed about our progress (or occasional lack thereof…). Over the years though it has brought us in touch with quite a few new friends, and we value it as a way to capture some snippets of our life on Namani during our years aboard. Hence even though we will be land-locked for a while we thought we’ll keep the blog up and running - for your enjoyment as much as for ours ;-)

Please note that we’re currently in the process of migrating our blog from Sailblogs to this site, while at the same time consolidating our home page and photo albums under the same roof at this address. It’s work in progress… The blog content is here, home page content and photos will follow shortly. You may also still find links in some of the posts that take you back to the old Sailblogs site. Work in progress, stay tuned…


Oh what a lifestyle you lead. I would love to travel the sunny oceans like you. I love oceans like you. You are welcome to visit my blog about oceans http://www.allfiveoceans.com

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